Terms & Conditions:

Rad Points

  • Earn Rad Points for every dollar spent, excluding sale items. Rad Points are awarded only when your order has been fulfilled.
  • Rad Points redemption is in S$1.00 blocks (100 Rad Points).
  • Rad Points expire after 6 months from awarded date and cannot be reinstated.
  • Rad Points cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded or transferred.

Member Tiers & Benefits

  • Accumulated spend to qualify for member tiers takes into account total amount paid and excludes returns and shipping fees over a 1 year period. Accumulation resets when you promote.
  • Member status expires after 1 year from the date you promote. You will be demoted if you fail to maintain your tier for renewal of another year.
  • Welcome Reward is a one time use discount code that will be emailed to you when you promote and can only be used when your status is valid.
  • Birthday Discounts can only be redeemed during your birthday month, as indicated in your account details. Birthday Discount codes will be emailed to you during your birthday month.
    1. - Part-Time Risk Takers get a one-time use 10% discount code
    2. - Big-Time Rule Breakers get a two-time use 15% discount code
    3. - Full-Time Trouble Makers get a three-time use 20% discount code
  • Validity of Welcome Reward and Birthday Discounts cannot be extended. Discounts do not apply to sales items, bundles and any other excluded products.
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